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Safe Asbestos Removal Services on the Gold Coast

In Australia, the chances are quite high that your house was built with Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM), especially if it was built before 1980. Asbestos is a tricky substance and it can be quite dangerous if you are exposed. That is why it is important to call a qualified professional to remove it from your home or work place if you suspect a contamination. 

Why Choose Us?

At Tweed Coast Demolition & Excavations, we understand the importance of stringently following all Health and Safety responsibilities as outlines by the state. We are able to carry out both small and large-scale asbestos removal works by legislation of New South Wales and Queensland. As we are licensed in both states, we are also fully insured for all asbestos removal services. 

As a company, we have been working in construction for over 20 years, so we have a lot of experience in asbestos removal. From roof removal of asbestos to cement water mains and other pipes, there is rarely a job we haven't seen and conquered. 

Let Us Take Care of the Paperwork

Having an asbestos contamination is frustrating and dangerous enough without having to worry about the paperwork. We have the experience and the patience to handle all of that for you. 

Before the removal takes place, we lodge a notification with the state, either NSW or QLD, at least five days prior to the start of the operation. Then, once we have completely removed any potential damage from your home or work place, we will, according to legislation requirements, engage and independed "competent person" or asbestos assessor to inspect our removal works. Since we are confident in a job well done, we will be able to obtain a clearance from the assessor for the site and gain an Asbestos Clearance Certificate, which will state that the work is complete and there is no remaining threat. 

Trust us to keep your home or work place safe from the hazards of contamination. Call us today at 07 5628 0313, or get a FREE online quote



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